Our Dream


Lani’s Cheesecakes & Coffee House is a family owned and operated business located in Comfort, Texas in the Texas Hill Country.With succulent cheesecakes, delectable java drinks and many other oh-so-sweet confections, we add even more “comfort” to our already adorable town!  With daughter, Lani as THE BOSS and chief baker, dad, Victor as trainer and lead kitchen guru,  mom, Diana as the Creative PR and People Lover, Alijah, the Director of Table Cleanliness and Fun, and also our Professional Taste Tester , and our silent partner, Alec, who is finishing college, Lani’s was birthed out of two dreams.

The first dream:  In 1989, while living in Montréal, Québec, Canada we bought a book called The Joy of Cheesecake. Victor, a passionate foodie, decided he wanted to make cheesecakes! He made a couple of them back then and didn’t pick up that book again until 2010. He started making them and people started ordering them by word of mouth. In trying to figure out where to have a store-front, we felt that the Texas Hill Country would be the best place.

The second dream:  In 1995, our daughter, Alandra (Lani) was born. After undergoing a couple of surgeries, doctors advised us that she would have some bumps in the road in learning and in school.   Well, we put our trust in God and He turned all that around! Lani grew with a passion for the kitchen, just like her dad. God gifted her with many talents; among them, a great culinary talent and a passion to concoct new things. It is because of all the Lord has done in her throughout her life, that our shop’s motto is “Cheesecakes, Coffee and Miracles.” If you need cheesecake, we have cheesecake. If you need coffee, we have coffee. If you need a miracle, we will pray for you!

Our doors opened on December 16, 2017 and we are having a grand ol’ time living up to our motto! It is our passion to bring smiles to people’s faces and warm their hearts with joy. Come visit us the next time you are in the Texas Hill Country! We are excited to meet you.